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General questions we often get asked:


"Do I need to apply Crotch Guard to the chamois pad in my shorts"

No, please don't. Spray the oil directly onto your skin using the atomiser spray cap, and then gently rub the silky oil into your skin.

Once your skin has absorbed the oil, it's not recommended to apply anymore oil as it's not needed and it's wasteful.

"How long will a bottle last"

Each riders needs are different, we recommend applications twice daily, before riding and again after you have showered on completion of your ride.

29.5ml bottle = Approximately 45 applications

118ml bottle = Approximately 160 applications

236ml bottle = Approximately 320 applications

 "How long will one application last"

We've had customers reporting back that one application of Crotch Guard kept them in the saddle for over 8hrs.

 "How should I wash my clothes"

No special washing requirements are needed; wash your clothing after each ride as you would normally.

"I'm going on a ride with a group of cyclist, should we have our own separate bottles"

The spray cap ensures a hygienically sound application and it's safe to share a bottle between a group. No double dipping you would normally get from traditional tub of chamois cream.

 "I've been using a chamois cream for years, I'm not sure Crotch Guard is for me"

We fully understand you don't want to purchase Crotch Guard until you are certain it's the correct product to solve your chafing issues, which is why we offer a FREE 10ml Sample Bottle, just pay £0.99 towards shipping.

"Is Crotch Guard safe for female riders"

Yes, Crotch Guard is perfectly safe for female riders to use around their bikini line.

"We're a small cycle club, can you offer discounts"

Yes, we offer discounts to cycle clubs and cycle teams. Email sales[@] to see how we can help.