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About Crotch Guard

Hello and welcome to Pedal Buddies.

Cycling is an enormously exciting sport for both male and female cyclists, irrespective if you are an amateur or professional cyclist.

Unfortunately, no matter what level you’re currently at, be it in a competitive arena, a weekend warrior or a social cyclist a lot of riders have one thing in common...!

Painful Chafing...!

Yes, I’ve said it…!

The subject of chafing isn't normally a topic that comes up with mates over a pint at your local. In fact, it's rarely spoken about when you’re with your pedal buddies or team mates.

Are you suffering in silence and struggling to maintain a constant pace from the pain and discomfort chafing has caused...?

Do any of the following affect you personally.?

  • Do you dream of riding chafe free.?
  • Do you struggle to beat your personal best.?
  • Do you get disheartened because you're not able to enjoy your rides..!
  • Are you unable to complete a century ride.?
  • Is beating that Strava segment only a dream.?

You're not alone but it doesn't have to be this way.

Now imagine if...

  • Discomfort from chafing wasn't an issue.
  • Your personal best times reduced on a regular basis.
  • Finishing each ride with a huge smile.
  • Collecting your 1st medal to confirm you've completed a century ride.
  • Receiving a Strava notification to say you're now KOM/QOM.

We have a revolutionary solution that is equally suitable for females to use on their bikini line and guys as well.

I can already hear your sigh of relieve…!

Crotch Guard anti-chafing skin care oil is your new best friend.

Pedal Buddies and Dermatect Inc. the manufacturers of Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil have formed a business relationship for exclusive sole distribution rights throughout the UK.

When you apply Crotch Guard directly to your skin using the pump action atomizer spray cap, the fine mist has a nice cooling effect against the surface of your irritated skin; the pump action control avoids messy drips and wasteful spills ensuring a controlled application every time.

Crotch Guard will absorb completely into the surface of your skin for a clean and natural approach to the saddle. It’s not thick or messy like traditional gloopy chamois creams. Once the oil has been absorbed, the formula will surround and strengthen the skins cell membranes to reduce friction, chafing and rash.

Its science and this method of action is unique to Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil!

No competing product comes close in terms of features, ease of use and price.

If You Ride...! You Know...!

Click Here: to take a look at our Crotch Guard line of products; we have 29.5ml, 118ml and 236ml bottles available, as well as our cash saving multi-packs.

We understand you may be skeptical if Crotch Guard is the right product to solve your chafing issues so why not try our 10ml FREE Sample, all we ask is for you to pay £0.99 towards shipping charges.


The Science behind Crotch Guard Anti-Chafing Skin Care Oil.

Your skin is the largest organ of the human body, the skin serves as a protective barrier that prevents external threats, regulates body temperature, plays an active role with the immune system and permits the sensation from a simple touch.

The multi-functional activities of the skin require a complex structure that consists of the following layers: subcutaneous tissue, the corium (dermis) and epidermis.

Phospholipids are compounds found in human skin. They are composed of cholesterol, waxes, fatty acids, and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Phospholipids play a decisive role in the structure of any cellular membrane, as the phospholipids bi-layer is semi-permeable, allowing only certain molecules to diffuse across the membrane to enter or exit the cell. In typical protective function, they restore and stabilize the skin’s barrier layers. Phospholipids protect and strengthen.

Ultra-Pure Dermatect Skin Care Oil mimics the method of action of natural phospholipids found in human skin. It's science!

A simple example: Imagine a brick wall… the bricks would represent the skin cells, the layers of bricks would represent the layers of skin and the cement mortar in between and surrounding the bricks would represent phospholipids, ultimately protecting and strengthening the entire structure.